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The Aim

"Health is achieved by the way we live and how we fuel ourselves. If you think about it, our energy is constantly being depleted whether that is by food which doesn't suit our body to stressors such as financial situations, mentality, and technology. This depletion results in a state of imbalance, causes increase in symptoms and leads our bodies to a dis-ease state.

What if we can change that by simply being mindful of what we put in our bodies,  taking time for ourselves, and releasing the stress? It is absolutely possible and it is extraordinary when it is achieved."

- Dr. Humaira


As a Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Humaira aims to discover the root cause of your symptoms by understanding the body's own physiological process and giving the body what it needs. She offers her patients (w)holistic approach to health using naturopathic modalities. These modalities include nutritional recommendations, herbal remedies, detoxification, supplementation, lifestyle recommendations, food allergy and mind-body-spirit connection.

Dr. Humaira does extensive research for each of her patients prior to their visit and love teaching her patients alternative and proper ways to increase their vitality. She believes each and every person deserves the right to achieve the health they desire.