Dr. Humaria Quraishi - [email protected]
Phone: 201-286-0408


15 min Free Consultation

Dr. Humaira is happy to speak with potential patients ​prior to scheduling an appointment. This is an opportunity to get to know the doctor and discuss how you might benefit from her services.

Solely Nutrition and Health Coaching (40min) - $100

In this appointment, Dr. Humaira will advice and make a plan for your nutritional and lifestyle needs. This include house visit to assess what is in your fridge and grocery tour for healthy eating options.


Naturopathic Initial(40-50min)


During this visit, Dr. Humaira will complete a thorough intake of your medical history followed by my presentation of an individualized treatment plan to include dietary advice, functional test recommendations, and nutritional and herbal supplementation. This is time to explain the “why” of the treatment and answer any questions you may have.

Naturopathic - Follow up (20-30min) - $95

Dr. Humaira ask patients to follow-up every 4 weeks, or sooner for some complex or acute cases. She will then assess your progress and make modifications to your plan as needed. 

Cancellations - $50

There is a $50 cancellation fee for missed appointments and those canceled or rescheduled with less than 24 hours notice (48 hours for Monday appointments).