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Hi, I'm Dr. Humaira Quraishi


Becoming healthier takes a lot of dedication. It involves a better diet, a better mindset and some lifestyle modifications. I understand it can be difficult at times with work and other duties. But believe me, once you get started and feel better with these appointments, you will be thankful you took this path to better health.


What I Use for Treatment

Dr. Humaira uses vast array of therapies


" Dr. Humaira is always very dedicated to the very best care for each and every one of her patients. She always does extensive preparation and research time for each patient visit before and after the visit to ensure the best quality of care. This is why all her patients enjoy good success with their health under Dr. Humaira's care and really value her services."

~Dr. Frank Larosa

" As a clinician she is thoughtful, precise, and compassionate. Her diagnostic skills are superb. Her protocols are well researched, efficacious and reasonable. She is adamant that her patients understand their condition, options, treatment, and expected outcomes. Humaira has an ability to communicate this information to her patients in a comfortable and supportive manner."

~Dr. Mitchell Hubsher

"I was feeling so sick and I needed help to keep going because I wanted to be present for my family. I went to see a naturopathic doctor for the first time but I was very apprehensive since I knew nothing about naturopathic medicine. I met with Dr. Humaira and she made me feel comfortable right away because she was so personable. Dr. Humaira helped and guided me on my journey to health and I could not have asked for a better doctor. Everyone needs a doctor just like her." - Daphne Domond

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 Phone: 201-286-0408

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